Alternate reality

In a parallel universe, I never started Tai Chi. As a result, I now have back problems. I have rounded shoulders and poor posture and it's starting to cause physical problems. In this alternate reality, I am physically tense but do not know it. Sometimes, my knees hurt and I have collapsed arches. I feel weaker and less fit than I did in my 20's.

I can be quick to anger and am somewhat argumentative. Sometimes I feel anxious and uncomfortable and wish I had some kind of practice that would help. I've read about meditation and its benefits but find it hard to do. Martial arts have always interested me but it's probably too late to start one now. I felt a particular call to do Tai Chi but have never got round to it. It would be nice to wake up early every day and exercise.

It's impossible to predict what my life would be like without Tai Chi but I strongly suspect that what I have just imagined would be very likely. I'm not sure what motivates other people and I can't fully articulate what drew me to the art. I just knew it was for me.

I've learnt a lot about my body and know that without Tai Chi I would have problems by now. I am now much stronger than I was in my 20's which is not something I would have imagined. My teacher Mark is a lot stronger than me and he's in his 60's.

I remember being 28 and thinking I was too old for martial arts. How ridiculous that now seems.

However old you are right now there's not going to be a better time to start Tai Chi. Don't wait for a bad back, start now and prevent it from happening!


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