Don't feed the beast!

What should we call it? It's the voice inside that demands another biscuit. The same voice that stops you practicing and can absolutely freak out during meditation.

You could label it your fight or flight response or your inner beast.

My advice is: don't obey the impatient voice or to put it more succinctly.....Don't feed the beast!

The remarkable thing is that if you train the beast it will learn to quieten down. It's like a small child, if you don't give it boundaries and let it do what it wants all the time it will get out of control and people won't invite you round any more.

Control is constant you either have it or you don't.

If I say you need to control your mind it may seem a little uptight. Once again, the constraints of language make things difficult. I'm advocating a very relaxed kind of control.

You can't force external events to comply with your will and you can't force your own mind to behave. The type of control needed to quieten the mind is achieved by letting go and not doing what the beast says.

I believe it screams loudest during meditation. It's as if it fears for it's existence. What I've done in my personal practice over the years is to always stand through the beasts orders to stop. Keep standing until it stops freaking out and you'll reach a place of serene calmness and then it may start up again......

The point is to gently increase your tolerance over months and years. Stand for longer and stand through pain. I assure you your inner beast will gradually calm down.


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