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I first became interested in Hypnosis in my late twenties.

The idea that you could somehow reprogram your mind was really interesting and so I started to read all that I could find on the subject.

It wasn't until I started studying to become a professional Hypnotherapist that I became aware of its powerful therapeutic benefits. I never considered myself a particularly anxious person but learning how to use self-hypnosis completely changed me. I would leave every training session feeling very calm and serene and I quickly realised there was something special about Hypnotherapy.

The fact was that I did experience stress, anxiety, and depression, as many people do, but I thought it was normal. Learning to change my habits of thought let me see that I could influence my emotions.

I became increasingly aware that my negative thinking was leading to feelings of anxiety and that by interrupting this process and thinking positive thoughts I could feel a lot better.

Working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over a decade has given me a deep conviction in the power of self-hypnosis. When it comes to Anxiety it is without doubt the most effective form of therapy that I know of.

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