Why Practice Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is a unique method of self transformation that can profoundly change your life. With regular practice, your body becomes stronger, your mind becomes calmer, your posture improves and you feel alive with energy.
Tai Chi could be considered the perfect form of exercise. Most activities whilst giving some benefits can also be injurious to the body. Tai Chi works in a very different way. Slow movement and static postures enable you to relax whilst strengthening your internal postural muscles or fascia. The result is a body that is at once relaxed, strong, agile and flexible. 
Many people start practicing Tai Chi for health and with good reason. There are an abundance of scientific studies confirming numerous health benefits.
There is evidence that Tai Chi improves bone density, alleviates back problems, improves sleep, helps diabetes, improves balance, alleviates symptoms of arthritis, improves circulation, lowers high blood pressure and even increases the numbers of stem cells in the body. There is also evidence that Tai Chi helps depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. 
What lasting impact will Tai Chi have on you? It will give you balance. As your body becomes more balanced, your overall health will become more balanced and your mind and your emotional state will become more balanced. 
Short term benefits                                 
  • Increased sense of body awareness                                  
  • improved relaxation
  • improved posture
  • improved energy levels
  • better sleep
Long term benefits
  • Strong body and robust health
  • An increasing sense of balance
  • A calm and peaceful mind
  • Self-defence skills



Before you start you will need.....


  • Patience

  • Humility

  • An enquiring mind

....and that's it!


If you feel you have a bit of all three then will be able to learn Tai Chi.

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