"Learning Tai Chi with Sam has improved my posture and helped me to feel more relaxed and grounded. He is a great teacher and a lovely guy, and his dedication and passion for Tai Chi is really inspiring"

Steve Springer

"I have found Tai Chi to be a great way to relax :) Planning to practice it for the rest of my life. And, Sam is a very patient and kind teacher."

Adrianna Soni



Sam Langley My journey so far...

At the age of 30, I began my journey with Tai Chi. I had dabbled in martial arts as a

youth and had always wanted to find one I could immerse myself in completely. I was starting to get interested in meditation, finding it very difficult to do without guidance. I was also aware that I didn't want to.....

Tai Chi What is it?...

Tai Chi is a unique method of self transformation that can profoundly change your life. With regular practice, your body becomes stronger, your mind becomes calmer, your posture improves and you feel alive with energy.
Tai Chi could be considered the perfect form of exercise. Most activities whilst.....

Course info 

Start by joining a six week beginner's course where you will learn the basic principles of Chen style Tai Chi. Once you've completed the course you can
join the improvers and continue to deepen your practice.
All you need are comfortable clothes that allow you to move and an open mind!
The next beginner's course starts January Wednesday 8th and runs for six
consecutive weeks at the Unitarian Chapel Brunswick square BS2 8PE